The Amazing Benefits of Marriage

c62db5540afbeb8c93ea3a9153ed3b8cAccording to, there are at least nine amazing benefits of marriage, some of them are emotional, social, legal, financial, and health benefits of marriage. All of them are proven by studies and research.

Health Benefits of Marriage

1.) Married couples report greater sexual satisfaction. 

When you are sharing the most intimate part of yourself, having your partner be someone who loves you completely, who you are in a committed, monogamous relationship with, builds connection, trust, security, love, and never any regret. Plus you get to know each other and your sexual needs more as you have years to master pleasuring only each other throughout your marriage.

2.) Married women report higher levels of physical and psychological health. 

As much as your husband can drive you bonkers, apparently it still brings you far less stress than if you were flying solo. Less job stress, environment stress, child stress, financial stress, and relationship stress. When you are married you always have someone there to support you during all the ups and downs of life.

3.) Married people tend to experience less depression and fewer problems with alcohol. 

Men are less depressed (probably because of #1 above), and women are less dependent on booze (probably because of #2 above!).

4.) Marriage is associated with a lower mortality risk.

If you can stay married, you have great odds of living longer, especially if you are male, because married couples aren’t as prone to risk-taking as single people. Plus, you have someone there to remind you to not be so lazy and get up and get a little exercise, or eat a little healthier.

Social Benefits of Marriage

5.) Married people are more likely to volunteer. 

Apparently marriage helps bring out the best in you, and you are more likely to look for ways to pay it forward. Marriage is therefore good for society!

6.) Getting married increases the probability of moving out of a poor neighborhood. 

Alarmingly, the dissolution of a marriage more than doubled the probability that a person will do the opposite, especially among blacks.

7.) Marriage benefits children.

When children are in the picture, children are less likely to be poor or experience persistent economic insecurity, experience serious emotional illness, depression and suicide, and more likely to stay in school, earn a four-year degree, and have positive attitudes towards marriage and have greater success in forming lasting marriages themselves someday.

Boys raised by two married biological parents are less likely to engage in criminal and delinquent behaviors. Children raised by their married biological parents also are less likely to get pregnant or impregnate someone as a teenager. The are also 14 times less likely to be physically or sexually abused than children raised by a single mother, and 33 times less likely than children who’s mother cohabits with a man other than the child’s father (source).

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