Interracial Sex And Cancer

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There appears to be a growing epidemic of interracial sexual encounters that are rooted in sin and promoted as control and power. There are white men promoting sexual encounters with white women by black men and they are calling it black supremacy. They are taking the slave narrative and capitalizing on the victimization of black men through natural sexual lust and are directing it towards the defilement of all mankind. White supremacy has made interracial sex intriguing and the allurement is seen in 2018 google searches, where Kyle, Chloe, Kim, Cardi B are top trenders, all in relationships with black men. Empowerment is not found in your sexual organs, it is found in your ability to control them. It is natural for creatures shaped in sin to be sinful, but true power is found in refraining from this lower level of living to become elevated to a level that is Godlike, which is a chaste lifestyle.

Never underestimate the power of Jezebel or Delilah or you may get your eyes put out and be imprisoned. How many men have been slain by her? How many men are now in prison for false accusations chasing a dream built upon the scenes found within interracial pornography? These things are nothing but weapons that Satan uses to enlarge hell. Do not be deceived. There is nothing empowering about feminism and white women running around in vagina hats and there is nothing empowering about being victimized by a white woman even if it feels good. In hell, the memory of these things will quickly fade away. Save yourself from this cancer and do not let it consume you. These people that participate in this lifestyle are not your friends, they are your slave masters driving the cart into the pits of hell.

You want power? Then become like God. Seek His face with all of your heart, lay hands on the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. Prophecy. Display self-control and then I will confess that you truly have power and Satan has not deceived you.


    1. Follow the logic. The lifestyle promoted within the Scripture is clearly superior to any lifestyle supported by living life without any rules or laws. The Bible is a historical book that is supported by thousands of other historical books and no amount of time or society is able to bury the truth. Because truth always rises to the top. No matter how many lies may try to bury it. Like the cheating spouse, the truth always rises to the top, whether in the persons life or death. The truth will ALWAYS surface. Follow the logic and ask yourself, what lifestyle is superior to living holy? Show me the children of these people and let me hear their testimony. I will wait.


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