Sexual Behavior Differences Between Black and White Students

5f90e6f30aa7f11150231d8ca399d2ffA journal article written by Philip A. Belcastro titled Sexual Behavior Differences between Black and White Students outlines the sexual behavior of both races and identifies some roots that need to be uprooted for the family to survive in the coming decade. The journal was written in 1985. What is particularly telling in this article is the perception of both races.

“Myrdal (1962) asked white southerns to rank the things they believed blacks wanted most in life. The whites’ number one response to his question was interracial marriage and sexual intercourse with whites. When Myrdal asked black southerns the same question, they responded that interracial marriage and intercourse with whites was of least interest to them.”

If this same survey where taken today, the results would most likely remain the same. This perception forms the backdrop of today’s #metoo movement that targets black people, when clearly the data shows that the highest offenders of deviant sexuality is white men. What we see in the white southern response is projection. A common psychological response that when one faces a particular problem, they automatically assume everyone else has the same problem. Of course, projection is not based on data, but perception.

Another data point is that black males had more interracial coital experience than white males, and white males had more masturbatory experiences than black males. White females, when compared to black females, were more likely to have performed fellatio, used coitus interruptus and have masturbated a partner. Data from a large midwestern university of 565 subjects.

Studies like these may be uncomfortable, but hiding from reality does not fix it. A band aid on cancer may cover rash on the skin, but will not stop the damaging effects of the cancer. It must be cut out and removed.

God’s word tell us the answer. Train up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from the Word when they are old. The word of God will keep a person that is over exposed to it. Do not be ignorant of the devil’s devices, but fear the Lord and raise your children to love and fear God. Always, be in training mode.

Otherwise, you will raise godless children and satan will destroy them. The sins of the father will fall onto the son and daughter. Do not make them carry a burden that they could escape, if you refuse to be lazy and train your children in Jesus name.



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