A relationship with Jesus

There are many gods and many different ways to worship the different gods. For every truth there are a million lies or deceptions. Anyone can take a truth and build a mountain of lies around it, through it, and on top of it, but truth always rises to the top.

Now the Bible says that some mens sins follow after him. This means that some men will die before their sins are revealed and others will be living at the time of their exposure. The Bible says be sure your sins will find you out (Numbers 32:23). Why is talking about sin so important for the human? It is because sin is the path to hell for eternity.

There are many paths, but only one will lead you to heaven. The door is Jesus. Sin must be forgiven and the blood of Jesus is the only way for this to happen, so a relationship with Him is the only way to heaven. To start this relationship, you must confess your sin. You must acknowledge your position before God and ask for His forgiveness.

You cannot enter a relationship with God without confessing your sin. You cannot establish a relationship with Jesus without confessing your sin. You CAN have a relationship with satan without acknowledging sin. Do exactly what you want to do and you will automatically be doing what Satan wants you to do. Just don’t forgive others and ask Jesus to forgive you.

Jesus does want you to prosper in your relationship with Him.

Prosperity has nothing to do with tithing. Satan worshippers prosper. Now some preachers have gotten slick and say things like prosperity is good health, God waking you up, employment, etc. When God blessed the people of old, it came with physical beauty; ask Job’s daughters, wealth; ask Solomon, power; ask Paul, territory; ask Jabez. God knows what a blessing looks like and let’s not forget that in heaven, Jesus said, He was preparing mansions. The problem is in the timing. In every age and every location God is moving differently according to the people there.

Do not get hung up on the prosperity, but set your affection on Jesus. Why? Because depending on the timing and the location, the mission of God is different. Sometimes different for individuals in the same time and location, but whatever assignment God has for you to accomplish for Him, He will equip you with the wisdom and people to accomplish the mission.

You have a responsibility in the movement of God. He did not create drones.

A relationship with Jesus is not a lock-step program. You grow in-Him according to your hunger for righteousness. No different than getting a promotion in the natural, the hungry people get 4.0 GPAs, the hungry people are accustomed to sleepless nights working. Your relationship with Jesus is no different. The four ingredients to grow fast in your relationship is this.

One: Fasting without food and water. Now many people today have created all kinds of fast that the Scripture does not address. I have found the best fasts are three days without food and water, I would start with a 24hr fast, but make sure you know exactly why you are fasting and do not have sex (married folks) on your fast either. Have specific reason for your fast. Try and get a three day fast in once a month.

Two: Read Massive Amounts of Scripture. the Bible is a cleaning agent for your soul. It literally burns demons when you read the Bible with the addition of faith. How do you know you have faith? Because whatever you read, you immediately incorporate it, into your routine for living. You see a sin that is addressed and you end it. As you read the Bible and obey it, you will fine tune your relationship if you are hungry. You begin casting down evil imaginations and you become more aware of what you allow in your thoughts.

Three: Prayer – you have not because you do not ask. you have not because you do not persist in your asking. Demons fight prayer and you must be vigilant in your requests to the Lord. What you may not know is that when you pray angels are busy moving on your behalf, but when you stop, they stop. The harder you pray is equivalent to the harder they work. I have seen these things in the spirit.

Four: Praise/Worship/Thanksgiving – creates an atmosphere for God’s glory to dwell in. It creates a space for your spiritual gifts to grow. If you are listening to secular music, you will not be able to entertain God. Satan and his demons are able to give you very similar feelings, when his servants praise and worship him. The more you worship the Lord, the more joy you will have in Jesus.


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