Satan’s Plan For Your Children: Perverse Sexual Agenda


It should be evidently clear at this point that an agenda to corrupt and destroy your children is in full affect. The agenda to decrease the population is underway and the best way to accomplish this goal is by having God destroy His creation. It is no secret that the wind and waves are controlled by God. He controls the tornado and tsunami. He controls the frost and extreme heat. God controls disease. God is always in control.

God has also relinquished some of his control to mankind. He gave mankind a set of gifts and commands and told them how to behave in the environment. He instructed them on actions that would bring judgment and those actions that would bring blessings. He informed his creatures about an enemy that has also been released in the world and his function to overthrow our control and reign in the world that God gave mankind.

Satan was not God’s gift to the world, but God’s test. The world was gifted to mankind with specific parameters set by God. The gift with the greatest impact is sex. It is the only sin against the body and the only gift that allows the earth to remain populated with dying people. Sex may be used to develop mankind or it may be used as a weapon.

Today, sex is being armed and used as a weapon. A weapon of mass destruction that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and cities like it. A weapon that Satan uses to cause God’s anger to rise and when the cries enter the ears of the Lord at a certain decibel, He cleanses the area. This weapon is now being pointed directly at children. The paedophiles and sex addicts are in charge and the people have yet to mourn for the destruction that is coming.

The bad news is that the momentum cannot be stopped and as people of God it is best to shield yourself and family from the devil and his children as best as possible. Feed them God’s wisdom and give them the prophetic tools that they will need in order to press forward correctly. This sexual agenda and decay is starting to cover the globe and this is our sign of the end. The devil still has much more work to do, there is still too many Christians running around with the gospel and that is like thorns in demonically filled peoples chest. They will have to stop the flow and they are fighting tooth and nail in the court rooms to get this done. They will succeed.

How should you respond as an individual? Guard your heart and family. Build hedges for your family. Keep the Lord Jesus on your lips at all times. Satan’s children are coming for you. Stand in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free. If you have to fall on the sword to maintain your integrity, then do it. Better to live for Jesus and die in Him, then to live in fear and succumb to the devils children and enter hell for eternity.


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