White Women Wore Hoodies to a Tennessee Mall to Prove Its Hoodie Policy Only Targets Black Men

ecp97gsxhneskxzcki43After footage of four black men being escorted out of a mall in Tennessee for wearing hoodies inside, four white women wore hoodies to the same mall to see if the policy was meant for everyone. And, yep, you guessed it, the women were able to walk freely around the mall with their hoodies—both up and down—without ever being shown the exit.

So several white women decided to use their privilege to see if the rules really applied to all mall patrons and wore hoodies to see if they would be escorted off the premises.

“Sometimes our hoods were up, sometimes our hoods were down,” Arthur wrote. “If a security guard spotted us with our hoods up, they very politely asked us to take them down. One guard said it was because they need to be able to identify everybody’s faces. So we said, ‘Sure,’ took them down, walked on, and put the hoods back up a bit later. Repeat. No threats. Point made.”

McKenzie told the TV station the young black men who were asked to leave the mall didn’t have their hoods pulled over their heads before police got involved, and Ennis said she and her friends had proved a point.

“We’re not against law enforcement, no rules at all, but if they’re enforced equally, I’m up for that,” Ennis said. “We made a total point that it’s not enforced equally.” SOURCE


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