The New Miscegenation Law: White Women Cheerleaders Denied Access To Black Football Players

New York Jets vs New Orleans Saints

According to the Saints’ handbook for cheerleaders, the Saints have an anti-fraternization policy that requires cheerleaders to avoid contact with players, in person or online, even though players are not penalized for pursuing such engagement with cheerleaders. The cheerleaders must block players from following them on social media and cannot post photos of themselves in Saints gear, denying them the chance to market themselves.

Cheerleaders have to go as far as leave a restaurant if a player is already there or arrives after her. The cheerleaders being strictly regulated to avoid football players is in the franchise’s eyes to protect them, but the regulation enforced the ideology that women are the cause of anything bad happening to them.

The reality is that 90% percent of football cheerleaders are white women and 70% of football players are black men. This rule is set in-place to limit white female cheerleaders from accessing these black men. The white male owners do not want to see rainbows on the field.

Rules like these should not exist. They are discriminatory and should be outlawed.

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