The Power Struggle Is Real

The AntagonistsThe recent events of sexual assault, rape, and sexual harassment have opened a huge door for white women to become the new head of society. Angry that black men received voting rights before them, they finally have a tool that may be used against their master the white man. For years, they have taken orders both in bed and out, within the job market, within the home, and at church and they are no longer taking orders without pushing back the establishment that has given them a glass ceiling.

On the other hand, black men want justice and the dismantling of white supremacy and do not want a new master in the form of a white woman. Tired of false accusations and high incarceration rates they seek to align themselves with white women in hopes of being free of white male dominance. The two are in battle with one another. This clash is growing stronger and stronger. This clash unlike others is bringing them together in dating and marital relationships. An unforeseen outcome given the racial history. However, white women and black men have a commonality. They are both victims of white supremacy. This victimization increases when they intermarry and the fruit (children) they produce experience the imbalance of power as well.

Both are driven toward a higher prominence and a more prosperous life and only one thing stands in their way and that is white supremacy. If they choose to strengthen their bond and seek justice for all, they will make America great.


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